Trade Secrets

Trade secret litigation is a dangerous area for the unwary. Knowing the contours of trade secret law is critical if you are to win your case. What is a trade secret in one person’s eyes may belong to the public domain in another person’s eyes. What may be viewed as protection of corporate secrets to one person may be an unlawful attempt to stop someone from competing if viewed differently. At Turner Green LLP, we regularly litigate trade secret cases, and have achieved important victories for our clients.

Some of our recent cases include:

  • We successfully represented a major national accounting firm who was sued in a multi-million dollar trade secret dispute over employees and practice areas.
  • We successfully represented the largest manufactured home software company in the nation in a trade secret dispute we brought against their competitor.
  • We represented a software company that specializes in mainframe security products where the company’s source code was taken by a former employee to a competitor.
  • We represented a software company in a dispute with a former employer over unauthorized access to the company’s computer systems.
  • We defended a former employee against a claim that the employee stole confidential information and provided it to a competitor.