Art, Music & Media Law

Turner Green LLP has a unique and specialized art, music and media law practice, a practice that transcends the traditional copyright and trademark boundaries of other law firms. Renowned and internationally recognized artists, musicians, writers, journalists, media outlets, and publishing companies have repeatedly sought our guidance in handling complicated legal issues at the interface of art, entertainment, journalism and commerce. Specifically, we have represented our clients in copyright and trademark infringement litigation, licensing and contract disputes, unfair competition and trade dress suits, negotiation of publishing and recording contracts and distribution deals in a variety of media, handling of relationships with agents, artist representatives and managers, securing of intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark registrations, management of intellectual property portfolios, defamation, privacy suits, and invasion of First Amendment issues, and publicity rights claims.

In serving all facets of our clients’ legal needs, we have a simple and consistent goal: we enable artists, entertainers, and journalists to obtain maximum value for their commercial endeavors while simultaneously ensuring faithful protection of their artistic and intellectual visions. So, if you are an artist, writer, musician, journalist, entertainer, publisher, gallery, or distributor, Turner Green is the place to turn for assistance with your legal needs.

We are fortunate to represent a range of incredibly talented and creative personalities, some of whom are identified below and whom you may know:


  • Shag (a.k.a. Josh Agle), internationally exhibited and critically acclaimed “retro-chic” modern artist and designer of Disneyland’s 50th anniversary commemorative merchandise.
  • Alexandra Nechita, child prodigy and internationally renowned painter.
  • Leonard Morales, prominent abstract artist.


  • Wall Street Reporter, renowned and financial publication.
  • X17, leading celebrity news and gossip blog.


  • Mehran Shahverdi, prominent Los Angeles-based architect whose works have been featured in Interior Design, Vogue and Elle.
  • KPR Consulting, prominent Orange County architectural consultant Designers.
  • Sarah Shaw, celebrity handbag and accessories designer whose creations have been featured in television shows such as Sex and the City, movies such as Ocean’s Eleven, and magazines such as In Style, and O.
  • Bonnie Posselli, celebrated Utah-based landscape artist whose works have appeared in the Crate and Barrel and Coldwater Creek catalogs.

Authors & Content Providers

  • Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, best-selling authors of the Carrot Book series.
  • Jim Uhls, screenwriter with numerous major studio credits, including Fight Club starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.
  • X17, the largest Hollywood agency that provides photographs of celebrities to the market.

Musicians and Performers

  • Crooked Stilo’s lead Victor Lopez a prominent R&B, hip-hop musician who has provided musical compositions for multi-platinum albums.
  • That’s My Daughter, moustached masters of comedic rock who regularly perform at the Hollywood Improv.
  • Shiva Rea, renowned yoga instructor and author and star of the best-selling Yoga Shakti series of DVDs.
  • Weapon-X, a heavy-metal band fronted by lead man Dan Clor.


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