Business Disputes

Business disputes take many forms. Is someone breaching your contract? Is someone interfering with your ability to run your business? Has someone defrauded you? Is someone engaging in anti-competitive, monopolistic behavior? Has someone defamed you or your product? Has someone breached a lease? If so, you have a business dispute. And we handle them all.

Contract Disputes and Real Estate Disputes

We take pride in our ability to distill simple, compelling arguments from the confusing legalese found in most complex business agreements. We have expertise in a wide variety of commercial disputes, and can handle virtually any dispute that ensnares your business. We have handled complex contract disputes for all types of clients, including multimillion dollar actions for publicly traded corporations, from California to New York.

We also have extensive experience litigating insurance disputes, both for and against insurance companies. Our lawyers have handled bad-faith claims for insurance companies in many contexts, including claims asserted by ERISA beneficiaries. We have represented insurance companies in actions to recover benefits improperly claimed and received by beneficiaries. We have also represented plaintiffs in actions against insurance companies, including a bad-faith action by one corporate client against its workers’ compensation insurer. We routinely litigate coverage disputes against insurance companies.

Finally, Turner Green LLP has a well-developed real estate litigation practice. Our lawyers represent numerous landlords and property managers in landlord-tenant disputes. Our lawyers have represented landowners in breach of contract, eminent domain, inverse condemnation and partition actions, as well as multi-million dollar construction defect actions. We also have experience litigating real estate financing issues arising under RESPA, the Truth in Lending Act, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Interference with Business Disputes and Anti-Competitive Behavior

We have handled tortious interference with contract claims for many clients, including a seven-figure dispute for one of Orange County’s largest corporations, and a successful jury verdict for a local client in a federal court in Nebraska. We have successfully defended anti-trust claims for the largest marina resort entity in Orange County. We litigate anti-trust claims in the intellectual property context also. We recently successfully defended against a Section 17200 unfair competition claim by obtaining a walk-away settlement for our client, who had been sued for millions of dollars.