Appeals and Appellate Counseling

Whether you are a client engaging new counsel for an appeal or whether you are trial counsel and want some appellate counseling on your case, Turner Green LLP is your answer.

We are Appellate Lawyers and Your Appeal Is Safe at Turner Green LLP.

Our appellate lawyers have clerked for the Ninth Circuit. Our appellate lawyers have litigated dozens of appeals. Our appellate lawyers teach appellate advocacy. Our appellate lawyers run Ninth Circuit appellate clinics. At Turner Green LLP we are appellate lawyers. Many lawyers do appeals. But they are not appellate lawyers. Knowing the difference is critical. The selection of appellate counsel is an important decision, one that is often misunderstood because all too many people assume that an appellate lawyer is the same as a trial lawyer. Not so.

At its core, effective appellate advocates must know their audience of judges and know the appellate courts. We do, because this is what we do. Appellate advocates must be creative with the law. We are, because this is what we do.

  • We have successfully handled dozens of appeals in the state and federal appellate courts.
  • Peter Afrasiabi and Chris Arledge have clerked for federal appellate court judges, thereby giving Turner Green LLP an unusual degree of familiarity with appellate strategy and procedure.
  • As law professors, Peter Afrasiabi and John Tehranian teach appellate litigation, and they both have served as members of the California Court of Appeal Fourth Appellate District’s appellate attorney panel.
  • Peter Afrasiabi, Chris Arledge and John Tehranian also regularly present on appellate issues to bar associations and judicial conferences, recently speaking on a panel with Ninth Circuit Judge Carlos Bea.
  • John Tehranian has had his scholarly work cited in briefs before the United States Supreme Court.
  • Peter Afrasiabi is a Ninth Circuit volunteer pro bono coordinator where he places Ninth Circuit-screened pro bono appeals with appellate counsel.

Appellate Counseling

An appeal is not simply the next step in a case, and shrewd clients and trial lawyers recognize the need for adept appellate litigators to counsel them on appeal. For this reason, an effective appellate lawyer must do more than just litigate appeals. Appellate lawyers must also work with trial lawyers. At Turner Green LLP, we regularly work with trial counsel – whether as shadow appellate counsel or not – providing appellate counseling services without requiring any damage to the existing trial lawyer-client relationship.

We look forward to serving your appellate needs and working with your trial counsel in a collaborative fashion to best position you for success on appeal.

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