Copyright is a bedrock practice area of Turner Green LLP. We protect copyright holders from the unauthorized use of their creative works and defend users from overreaching infringement claims. Our lawyers have represented well known clients in numerous high profile cases. All told, our copyright experience runs the full gamut of protected works, from literary and musical compositions to architectural works, and from design plans and drawings to computer object and source code. Some examples:

  • A well-publicized case involving novel and potentially precedent-setting claims of copyright in architectural works.
  • We have represented a computer programmer, the creator of a well-known peer-to-peer client, against copyright infringement claims leveled by the largest peer-to-peer file trading system in the world.
  • Our lawyers have served as expert witnesses in several copyright infringements suits.
  • We represent artists and musicians protecting their copyrights from exploitation over the internet and in traditional media.
  • We also represent high-profile photo agencies in litigation with celebrities regarding copyright infringement, defamation and privacy torts.
  • We have counseled numerous clients through the thorny minefield of fair use issues in the digital age and the challenges posed by such recent legislation as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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